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 Thu, Jun 2020   06:56 pm

Who would have thought a virus visible only through the lens of an electron microscope can literally pause everything in this world? Rich, poor, powerful, weak- despite everyone’s status COVID-19 has affected almost all the aspects...

 Evg. Jacob Vilgi Oommen


 Fri, Jan 2020   08:20 pm

Everyone loves success, but often we hate the process which leads us to the success we are looking for. Without the process, we cannot have purpose. Everything you see in front of your eyes is the result of a process. I love to watch the videos of...

 Evg. Jacob Vilgi Oommen


 Tue, Mar 2019   08:29 pm

Some of us always have that uneasiness in our life all the time of not reaching the full potential. I don’t
mean that we are ungrateful rather whatever you are currently doing is not giving you a peace of mind.
It is a God give...

 Blossom Oommen

Who's stopping you?

 Wed, Jan 2019   02:18 pm

Who or what is causing you to be satisfied with your mediocre circumstances? Why you have to be satisfied with average or less than average job, career? Why do you think people with less than your potential reaching higher places while you are str...

 Blossom Oommen