George Vilgi Oommen
Chief Editor

Its been a beautiful time where i live because of the autumn season.
To those of you living in a place where autumn season is happening, enjoy the creation of God, the colorful trees.As a team, we have been trying to make changes to the magazine
this year and I am excited that this edition has one more update. We are partnering with SAFT apologetics to start a new series Confident Answers to answer YOUR questions related to Christian living and the word of God. SAFT apologetics is founded in India and the ministry is focused on seeking answers to find the truth. While we know that not all questions have answers in this life (some answers will be revealed in eternity only!), the new series is our best attempt to answer questions depending on the word of God and seeking divine wisdom. If you have any questions in mind, feel free to write to us at [email protected]
We also have four articles focused on important topics by writers with experience on different areas in life, with a passion to share their faith in Jesus with others. I am sure you will be blessed by these writings. Happy reading.

God bless you.
George Vilgi Oommen
Chief Editor



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