George Vilgi Oommen
Chief Editor

Featuring Dr. William Lane Craig


As I write this, the world seems to be recovering from the
pandemic, Russia’s war on Ukraine is still going on and Sri Lanka is
in a financial crisis (World Bank also warned that many countries
are at financial risk). As children of God, we are called to pray and
help the people around us. So I start with this reminder – continue
to pray for the world we are living (a world map or globe in your
prayer room will serve as a good reminder!).

I am glad to have Dr. William Lane Craig sharing his thoughts on
Christianity and Apologetics with us in this edition. Despite his busy
schedule, Dr. Craig spent sometime answering the questions of the
EGM Times team. I am sure his answers will inspire and challenge
you. We also have Ruth sharing the role of Woman in Church,
Jennifer writing about being awakened and Brandi sharing about
worship during storms in life.

Despite all the challenging situations happening worldwide, God is
still in control. He is still the sovereign God. Let’s live each day for
the glory of God. Happy reading. God bless you.

George Vilgi Oommen
Chief Editor,
EGM Times



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