George Vilgi Oommen
Chief Editor



Another eventful year is coming to an end. On January 1st of this
year, I thought this would be a year of recovery. Recovery from the
effects of a pandemic that gripped the world for the past two years.
But I got it wrong. We saw a year of war, hunger, inflation and an
energy crisis. And the world talked a lot about end times (much
discussion happened around Armageddon). While I don’t know
what the next year will look like, I am thankful to God for each day
of life. I hope you are also grateful to God for being alive one more
year on this planet.

I am happy to share the theme of this edition – The Church. The
Church is a unique plan by God for His children. On the day of
Pentecost, the church was founded. Even after many centuries, the
Church plays a central role in bringing people closer to God and
walking in His ways. Each member of the church is responsible for
representing Jesus in this world. The Church is a place of Hope,
Prayer, Healing, Fellowship and the list goes on. We have four
writers sharing different perspectives about the church in this
edition. We will also have a second part for this theme next year.
We pray that this edition will be a blessing in your life.

Happy reading. God bless you.
George Vilgi Oommen,
Chief Editor



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