George Vilgi Oommen
Chief Editor


After God created Adam, He saw it was not good for Adam to be alone. So God created Eve to be with Adam. Since creation, God has been intentional in human beings having fellowship with each other. God even instructed the people of Israel to have festivals each year. These festivals were a time of fellowship with each other and with God. In the new testament time, the disciples and the early Christians gathered regularly (at least once a week!).

The following pages focus on the subject of Fellowship. Four articles in this edition focus on different aspects of the fellowship. SAFT apologetics team member is answering a question on prayer in the Confident Answers column.

As I write this, many cities around the world are facing extreme heat. Be cautious when you go out and look out for others in need. As children of God, we must take care of each other and the planet God has given us.

Happy reading. God bless you.

George Vilgi Oommen,
Chief Editor



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