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Who we are

Elohim Gospel Ministries (EGM) was established based on the vision bestowed upon our founder and president Jacob Vilgi Oommen during the days he spent in prayer after his only sister Julia passed away. The Lord reassured Jacob about His divine will to transform his life for the glory of God and the expansion of God’s kingdom. Thus, on the 14th of December, 2012, Elohim Gospel Ministries was founded.

EGM is making an eternal difference in the lives of thousands through its MISSIONS.

What we believe

EGM is based exclusively on biblical doctrines. We believe in a Triune God.God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. God created the heavens and the earth and the whole universe. Man was created by God in his own image. God showed his love towards man through Jesus Christ.

Jesus came to this earth to die for the sinners of this world. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14: 6). Anyone who believes in Jesus and accept him as the personal savior will be saved.

Holy Spirit is the comforter and counselor to the one who believes in the god. Baptism in Holy Spirit is a gift from God which empowers each who receives it. Fruit of the Holy Spirit and gifts of the Holy Spirit is relevant today.

We believe that God the Almighty has the solution to all our problems and that a life centered on God is the key to happiness. We believe that this life on earth is just a port of entry to eternity and that death is not the end. In short, we believe that life has a clear purpose that has been revealed to us in the Bible.

We sincerely believe that deep in each of our hearts lies a desire to love and be loved. Jesus is our solution for this. Jesus is the personification of love (2 Thessalonians 2: 16), thus He is the key to happy and purposeful living.

Our Vision

Saving the lost | Igniting the saved

Our vision is to save billions of souls to experience the
everlasting love of God through Jesus Christ. We share the good news that Jesus died for our
sins, rose from dead, living for us and He is coming back soon to take us to heaven. We ignite
the hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ to believers for a victorious life.

Our Team

Evg. Jacob Vilgi Oommen


Pr. Fabio Paulocci

(Vice President)

Blossom Oommen

(Chief Finance Officer)

Gideon Pingkihan

(Associate Editor - EGM Times)

Effie Ochago

(Content Editor - EGM Times)

Job Mercene

(Prayer Cell Leader)

Sherin Philip

(Prayer Cell Associate)

Christian Mendones

(Prayer Cell Associate)

Pr Pius Oendo

(Elohim Worship Center, Kenya)

Evg. Sanjay Singh

(Elohim Worship Center, India)

Evg. Pradip Longjam

(Events Director)