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Who's stopping you?

Blossom Oommen
16 Jan 2019

Who or what is causing you to be satisfied with your mediocre circumstances? Why you have to be satisfied with average or less than average job, career? Why do you think people with less than your potential reaching higher places while you are struggling to advance?

What if I say you are the reason for most of your problems? I acknowledge and understand difficult circumstances and upbringings but this article is for a majority of middle class that can’t get past their starting point.  This problem is twofold; your perseverance and performance. In order for you to grow, you have to have the deep desire and a goal. You might had the defined goal in college but it didn’t work out as planned, so now you are now going with the flow. You learned to adapt and adjust with the circumstances thinking about the bills. You don’t have to be stuck in this pattern and not have complete satisfaction. Let me tell you how you can overcome all these and reach your God given maximum growth.

Perseverance: It will be wise to write down what you desire and hope to achieve. Many people like to listen to inspiration and motivation as a drug but take no action on it. Your written goal with an expiration date will give you more accountability and it will help you to create a plan towards it. Rather than setting up unrealistic goals, you can teach your mind that it’s possible by creating small goals. It could be as simple as washing all the dishes every night or reading for 10 minutes every day. As you create the habit, your mind will believe in your capability and will help you to work towards bigger goals. If you are unhappy with your current position, why not start with half hour everyday focusing to apply for one position that you would like to get. Being hopeless and applying for all the jobs out there is not defined goal and might not give the expected result. Focusing and putting the effort for specific positions and companies with all the resources will serve better and you will be able to follow up effectively as well. Temporary defeats should not stop you but you need to persevere till you reach the destination. After each failure, make notes of what went wrong and improving it will equip you with more confidence for future.

Performance: This has to do with your current state of being. Are you just doing the minimum to survive or are you are doing the best? Nature has a way of rewarding people who help themselves. Even when you are not satisfied with your current state, it shouldn’t affect your behavior or actions. Being the best employee and exemplifying integrity will open doors. Try to emulate and receive encouragement from people who won rather than people who are complaining. If you know you struggle with one area, what can you do daily to improve that? If you are weak in one of the specialty that can increase your marketability, why not learn more about it.  It will take self-control, will power and action for you to get where you want to go.

This new day you can set yourself to high standards and work towards reaching them one step at a time. You are the one who stopped you this far but you are going to propel yourself from today onwards.  More than everything, “because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4

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