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Evg. Jacob Vilgi Oommen
31 Jan 2020

Everyone loves success, but often we hate the process which leads us to the success we are looking for. Without the process, we cannot have purpose. Everything you see in front of your eyes is the result of a process. I love to watch the videos of how things are made, especially food. It always blows my mind on comprehending how much a machine can contribute for the processing of a fine product in this world. Machines took over the work recently. Decades and centuries back, everything was done on human power. We live in a fast phase world, everything we need reaches our hand within seconds. It’s great to have conveniences to live with, but it is not without compromises. Machines substituted the manpower and slowly diminished the abilities of human being. We don’t have to think anymore as machines will think for us. Simple examples are calculators and cell phones. I used to remember phone numbers of most of my friends and I could call any of my friends from my memory. Now, smartphone does the work for us; we just have to click our friend’s name.

Fast phase machines and culture are literally ruining our capabilities. And unconsciously, we have trained our brain in a way that we need everything the moment we desire. We lost our patience. We lost our ability to think. It has adversely affected the Christian world of this epoch.

We started to compare our secular lives with our spiritual lives. We lost our patience during the process time of God in our lives. We wanted everything to happen in a blink of an eye. It has left us with short and unwilling prayer lives. Our prayer time has become the time to share with God all the issues we face and we even suggest the solutions we expect. We don’t have the patience to listen what’s the solution God wants in our lives. We think that as the episode of blabbering ends with amen, we are all set to go.

When was the last time you asked God, ‘I want to listen to you, Lord’? We find difficulty to go through the process God has set for us in order for Him to take us to the destination He has planned for our lives. You can never reach where God intended, until you complete the process God has set for you. If you try to be impatient and try to get out of the process of God, you will turn out to be an immature person and gradually fades off in vanity without fulfilling the beautiful purpose of God in your life.

You can never expect God to work in your life like you heat your sandwich in your microwave. Let’s not control God, but let God control you. And when He controls you, He controls your enemy too. How much intense process is required for birth of a child to this world? A lot. That’s something God has articulated and the moment we try to destroy the principle of Godly process, we produce immature baby which ends up in a disaster. After planting a plant we don’t uproot that in between to see how much has it grown, but wait patiently to let it grow with its full power and potential to bring forth its fruits. Similarly, you have to wait patiently in the process God is letting you to go through, because it helps you to become a valuable person who has the finger print of God. When a manufacturer creates a product, the logo is imprinted at the last stage- after all the processes it has to go through and if a product comes out half way through the complete process, it is separated to be discarded forever. Therefore, when you are patient within the process of God, you will come out with His fingerprint which helps you to accomplish the Godly purpose and the good desires of your heart. What gives value to the different products in the market? It is the brand logo which is imprinted on them. Same way, if you have the finger print of God, you are valuable and all the pain you endure to go through the process is worth it.

David was anointed to become a King of the Israel when he was under the process of God. Even after the anointment, he had to complete Godly process.

As you read this, you may be going through unexpected painful situations of your life, you might have failed in your exams, you might be going through the wilderness of your ministry- but never rebel against God, be impatient with the process. Trust Him with all your heart and surely after the process, you will become a valuable person and reach the place God wanted in your life and you will accomplish the good desires of your life.  

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