Blossom Oommen
12 Mar 2019

Some of us always have that uneasiness in our life all the time of not reaching the full potential. I don’t
mean that we are ungrateful rather whatever you are currently doing is not giving you a peace of mind.
It is a God given desire to grow in Him. Whatever this world can offer is of less or no value when
compared to the riches of glory in Christ. We might have good education, good career, a blessed family
and everything according to world’s standard but that is not what brings ultimate joy in our life.

Joy of the Lord is my strength” If we lack that joy, I would say we lack strength to go on. You could try to
pursue one after another - physical strength, financial investments, business ventures etc but none of
this would bring the satisfaction of reaching God’s calling in your life. Now the question arises- how do I
know, how do I identify. What do you like to talk about, what are you good at, what plays the strings of
your heart, what is the sight that breaks your heart- that is your calling. We all often tend to silence that
inner sound in pursuit of American dream or normal standard of living set by the culture around us. It is
researched and known fact that our mind keeps us away from taking risks. Most of us categorize or
imagine that the path of our calling is tough and thus not pay attention or unintentionally ignore it.
Since your mind has so much power, it is mind’s mechanism to avoid getting hurt. The truth of the
matter is when we take the step towards that God given passion, the wall will come trembling down and
it grants us joy instead of hurt. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand (Isaiah 41:10).

The Holy Bible has the phrase “Do not fear” 365 times- because fear is what is holding all of us back.
Every word in the Bible is of significant and there must be a reason why “Do not fear” is reiterated again
and again. My desire for all of us is that we break the fear barrier, come out and fulfill God’s purpose in
our lives. We, the children of God are the best people to become the hands of change in this generation.
For the others it requires more of physical and emotional strength to overcome fear and other barriers
but we have Christ to enable us to get through any circumstances. From today, don’t dwindle down the
voice in your mind saying you have more to do, more than what you do now but take action with faith to
reach where you need to be. Find time in your pursuit of things to cater for your Godly passions and it
will grow. Your ability to listen to others intently can be used in a large setting, you ability to write can
be used effectively, your testimony can be used to inspire others, your artistic abilities have potential- I
can keep going but it’s your journey to identify and take action.

Have an open dialogue with Holy Spirit today- communicate your fears and fill it with faith. Romans 8:
31 says “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

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